Iraqi forces retake runway at Mosul International Airport

Iraqi federal police forces – backed by the U.S. – entered Mosul International Airport and took control of the runway from the Islamic State, an official said Thursday. Thursday's advance is part of a major assault that started five days ago to drive ...

  Communicating far and beyond leads to B.I.D Quality Award

Groupe de Presse Wal Fadjri, BID International World Quality Commitment Award, started off in 1984 with a bimonthly publication, which, after three years, became weekly.


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Washington Post
Bill Maher on Milo Yiannopoulos's downfall: 'You're welcome'
Washington Post

Less than a week ago, things were looking up for Milo Yiannopoulos. The Breitbart editor appeared on “Real Time With Bill Maher” on Friday, increasing his reach considerably. And then news broke that he'd be speaking at CPAC. Suddenly an alt-right free ...


Brazilian Giant
Cooparaiso: experts in coffee and quality receive B.I.D Award
Winner of the BID prize for Quality

Cooparaiso, International Quality Crown Award, is classified as the fifth largest cooperative in Brazil according to its revenues, its growth level and its exploitation profits.



Yahoo News
Impassioned Arkansans Drill Sen. Tom Cotton at Firey Town Hall Meeting
Yahoo News

Thousands of ardent Arkansans packed a town hall meeting at Springdale High School's auditorium on February 22 to tell Senator Tom Cotton how proposed changes in policy, most notably healthcare, will directly affect them and their families. Attendees ...


Corporative Commitment
BID Quality Trophy for Offshore Engineering and Construction Company from Iran

The outstanding Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company received the B.I.D. International Star for Leadership in Quality Award at the Convention held in Paris on the 20th and 21st of April, 2008. This award represents the recipient's commitment to quality and is a symbol of excellence and leadership in the business world.


Financial Express
Mexico slams US immigration plan as Tillerson arrives

Washington (CNN) Mexico is pushing back against the Trump administration's new immigration directives that could have dramatic implications for the United States' southern neighbor, as top US officials come to visit the country. Mexican Foreign ...


Baltimore Sun
Poll: Trump so far is unable to find new support in Maryland
Baltimore Sun

President Donald Trump has been unable to expand his base of support in Maryland and remains unpopular in a state that handed him one of his largest defeats last year, according to the first poll of state voters conducted since his inauguration. Given ...


Trump's 'Apprentice'-style hiring is upending Washington

After a meatloaf lunch at the White House last Tuesday, President Donald Trump made New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie an intriguing offer: Would he like to be secretary of labor? Christie said no, according to four people close to Trump who were briefed ...

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